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Our partners say THANK YOU!

Recep Yüksel, Deputy Governor of Antalya:

“Many thanks for supporting winter tourism in Turkey and for positively portraying the city of Antalya throughout Europe. I wish both of us many more years of success!”

Nizamettin Sen, President of ANTALYA TANITIM VAKFI – foundation for the promotion of Antalya, Turkey:

“Turkey is certainly one of the richest countries in terms of well-preserved national cultural treasures open to the general public. And of this we are proud! Many thanks for your support and for bringing our sightseeing attractions closer to the whole of Europe!”

Prof. Dr. Nevzat Cevik, one of the most famous leaders of excavation projects at ancient sites in Turkey:

“Thank you for bringing our well-preserved historical treasures, breathtaking landscapes and fascinating history to life for interested people from a wide range of educational backgrounds! And once again a huge merci, too, for your donation to our excavations in Myra!”

Zeki Apalı, President of TUREB – union of tourist guides, Turkey:

“Strengthening Turkish tourism in the off-peak season is very important to us. As tourist guides, we can thus give cosmopolitan tourists a better understanding of our country’s unique history, mentality and culture all year round. Congratulations on the tens of thousands of cultural tourists throughout the winter months and much success to you in the future, too!”

KaptidAhmet Tok, Chairman of Kaptid – Cappadocia Hotel Association:

“We would like to express our gratitude for our very pleasant collaboration and your great support. It’s fantastic how you help us and our hotels to enjoy good occupancy rates even during the off-peak season.”

Semanur Kurt, Chairwoman of Antalya City Council:antalya_kent_konseyi

“Thank you very much for supporting cultural tourism in the winter months!”

Serdar Denktaş Deputy Prime Minister of Northern Cyprus & Minister for Tourism: 

“You give us the opportunity to welcome numerous visitors to our island where culture, history and nature blend in magical harmony. This has enabled us to present our beautiful attractions to the whole world. Thank you.”

Hüseyin Aktığ, President of the Hotel Association of Northern Cyprus (Kıtob):

“You help us to present our culture and tradition to many interested visitors as well as providing us with a key economic perspective. We would like to thank you on behalf of our country and the Cypriot tourism industry.”